Product Assortment Strategy – Should You Sell a “Full Line”?

You hear this a lot in SKU rationalization projects, where you’re trying to clean up the pieces of a non-performing assortment of products. “We need this to offer a full line”

Yet we’ve stocked the item for years and it clearly isn’t delivering the turns or margins we need to sustain it.

So how do we approach this?

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A Better Way To Measure Sales Growth

Ah, the sales report.

There are days where I think the finance department really needs to take lessons from the selling team on the subject of “pro-forma” accounting. Because when our bonuses are on the line, we’ve got them beat hands down as story tellers.

Never Tell Me My Sales Figures! And though I may walk through the valley of the CFO, I will fear no bean counter rating my results – as long as I can add color commentary!

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We Don’t Have Unprofitable Customers, Just Unhappy Accidents

I love a merger. You inevitably hear about all the horrible no-good unprofitable customers you kicked to the curb. It’s like the high school reunion, where you discover the math nerd is a bitcoin billionaire and the head cheerleader is living in a trailer park.

The last time we spoke about these “unprofitable customers”, we heard some harsh words. They were evil personified, sucking cash like Dracula, and the key reason our annual sales meeting was moved to the Ramada (Limited). Without an open bar.

So we cast them into the outer darkness.

So, Who Are Your Accounts?

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